I talked yesterday about edge researchers losing track of real evidence and believing in falsities. When it comes to investigating something like 2012, it’s hard to sort the garbage from the gold. One of the biggest fabrications comes in the form of Planet X, aka Nibiru, an asteroid or brown dwarf star five times the size of Earth that will hit on December 21, 2012.

Forgetting About Evidence

There are many internet forums discussing the nature of Planet X, but absolutely no real evidence available. This leads us to the question: Why do people still believe it?

Planet XThe following can be guaranteed as true:

  • No serious scientist has claimed that Planet X is real
  • Many scientists claim that Planet X is a complete hoax
  • Mayan predictions may indicate a massive event in 2012, but they do not predict the end of the world.
  • Mayan descendants have stated the idea of 2012 being doomsday is ludicrous. They predict an age of enlightenment, not total destruction.

So both mainstream scientists and Mayan researchers say Planet X is a lie. Yet so many people have jumped on the Planet X bandwagon.

There is something strange that happens to allow people to believe in something like Planet X, and many other bizarre conspiracy theories. And yet, it remains a popular topic of discussion.

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