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Why Can’t I Have Lucid Dreams?


It’s been a while since I first started telling friends and acquaintances about how to achieve lucid dreams, and a few have reported back on their experiences to me. For the most part, they haven’t been positive!

So why aren’t they getting the lucid dreams they’re after? After a little inquiry, the general report goes something like this:

“I tried to learn lucid dreaming for a few nights, I even set up a dream journal. But after a couple of days, I hadn’t noticed any difference. I think I started to have one this one time, but I got too excited and couldn’t stay with it. I want all the fun that a lucid dream can bring, but it’s just too hard!”

I’m sure many of you have felt the same way. I know I have. Lucid dreams present a tantalizing possibility, but when we come up against difficulty, it’s easy to just get disheartened and forget about it.

But so long as we remember that anyone can have lucid dreams and we stay committed, it won’t be too long before we’re having long, fully lucid dreams.

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Can Brainwave Entrainment CDs Improve the Chance of Lucid Dreams?



Brainwave entrainment technology, also known as binaural beat technology, represents a new way to alter our consciousness. Binaural beats can be used to create drug-like effects on the brain, encourage meditation and also improve the possibility of lucid dreaming.

While it may sound strange, binaural beat technology utilizes nothing but sound files played through stereo headphones. In one ear, a certain pitch is played, and in the other a slightly higher or lower pitch. When listened to, the brain synchronizes these two pitches and a wavering sound can be heard. These differing sounds alter the relationship between the left and right sides of the brain. The resulting effects depend on the two pitches and the distance between the two tones.

Does it Really Work?

The company i-Doser, which works in binaural beat technology, offers a “Lucid Dream” mp3 specifically designed to encourage the chance of lucid dreams, and improve your in-dream memory. I’ve used this audio file on a number of occasions, and have generally had more success than I have when sleeping without any lucid dream aids. More >

The Biggest Advantage to Lucid Dreaming

There are a number of commonly discussed advantages of lucid dreaming. Some of these are the ability to rehearse real-life scenarios, to practice mental tasks we’re working on in life, and in the case of Tibetan Buddhists, to get ourselves ready and able for when we cross over to the spirit world.There’s another big advantage to lucid dreaming, one that makes it incredibly important for today’s world: The ability to question what is happening around us.

It’s no secret that in today’s society, we live with a great deal of control from others over our lives. We’re forced to work long hours, pay for things we don’t really need, and keep our thoughts and actions in line with what is generally acceptable. After September 11, many were afraid to go against the media and Government-driven campaign of patriotism and fear, and those that did were often unwilling to take real action to stop two unnecessary wars.

This same acceptance of what is happening can be seen in our dreams. We could be sailing on the Titanic, being stalked by zombies or at a news conference with our pants down, and still not question the reality of what is happening around us. If we’re able to accept these fanciful situations as reality, what kind of mutations of the real world could we be willing to accept as “the way things are”? More >