Brainwave entrainment technology, also known as binaural beat technology, represents a new way to alter our consciousness. Binaural beats can be used to create drug-like effects on the brain, encourage meditation and also improve the possibility of lucid dreaming.

While it may sound strange, binaural beat technology utilizes nothing but sound files played through stereo headphones. In one ear, a certain pitch is played, and in the other a slightly higher or lower pitch. When listened to, the brain synchronizes these two pitches and a wavering sound can be heard. These differing sounds alter the relationship between the left and right sides of the brain. The resulting effects depend on the two pitches and the distance between the two tones.

Does it Really Work?

The company i-Doser, which works in binaural beat technology, offers a “Lucid Dream” mp3 specifically designed to encourage the chance of lucid dreams, and improve your in-dream memory. I’ve used this audio file on a number of occasions, and have generally had more success than I have when sleeping without any lucid dream aids. More >