Remote Viewing Confirmed on Mainstream TV! Nightline 1995


This video screened in 1995 on the American “Nightline” program. This was the first mainstream story about the government’s experiments in remote viewing.

Despite the many successes that were reported through remote viewing, the two experts selected by the CIA to report on the program decided it needed to be shut down. According to Joe McMoneagle (also in this video) this had less to do with the success rate of remote viewing than political pressure and fear.

The obvious question about the remote viewing program remains: If the CIA thought there was nothing to it, why did they fund the program for twenty years?

And here’s something else worth considering: Are these programs still going on, outside of media scrutiny?

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Pinchbeck on 2012



Here are some interesting things from Daniel Pinchbeck, author of 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl, along with some distracting visuals: