What Stephen Hawking Misses About the Alien Phenomenon


First, a warning. In this article, I’m going to say that Stephen Hawking is wrong about aliens. That’s a little like telling Mike Tyson he fights like a girl, but hopefully there’s enough evidence here to convince you that I’m right.

In his recent Discovery Channel program, Stephen Hawking stated that not only does he believe that aliens are out there, but that we should NOT try to actively engage with them or get their attention.

“If aliens visit us, the outcome would be much as when Columbus landed in America, which didn’t turn out well for the Native Americans”

While I certainly agree that alien life exists in some form, I don’t think avoiding investigation into the phenomena is advisable, or even possible. Hawking hasn’t thought about this deeply enough.

What’s Wrong With Stephen Hawking’s Theory?

There are a number of things we have to consider when it comes to contact with alien life:

– Any civilization advanced enough to have highly developed space travel can access resources far greater than Earth’s.

Consider how much power it would take to travel the billions of miles from an alien planet to Earth.

It’s likely that if human civilization is able to advance past 2012 and beyond, we’ll stop using non-renewables and start harnessing the power of the sun. If another civilization has advanced to this level, why wouldn’t they use one of the millions of other suns in the universe? Would they come to Earth just for our oil? Or perhaps a few pieces of gold?

– UFO encounters occur at a regular enough rate to show that aliens are already aware of us.

This one is still debated, of course, but sufficient evidence is available. Even if you don’t believe that close encounters are real, you have to acknowledge that a highly advanced civilization, if it’s out there, would be aware of us long before we’re able to make contact with it. More >

God Vs. Science? What Richard Dawkins Fails to Understand


Recently the world’s most famous atheist, Richard Dawkins, writer of The God Delusion, The Selfish Gene and The Greatest Show on Earth, has been in Australia. Last Monday night he was on the ABC program Q and A, with a number of Australian guests (some more intelligent then others) each with religious faith of some kind. While Dawkins spoke with his usual skill and intelligence, there were many things he said that irked me, especially when he stated that faith had no positive psychological effects. But I’ll ignore most of these for the time being to focus on a moment when Dawkins revealed just how little about spirituality he actually knows. It starts at about 2:30 in this clip:

Here’s the transcript of what was said:

JACQUELINE NINIO: There’s an amazing Jewish philosopher who said the second you start to define God, you already limit God. God is un-understandable in some ways by humanity and so the second we try and grapple with it, we’re already limiting what God is. I think that there’s an unfolding understanding of God as you change and as the world changes and all we can do as human beings is to approach it from where we are and from our understanding and what we know in that moment.

TONY JONES: Now, before we come to our questioner down the front who had his hand up, Richard, do you regard that as just clever sophistry?

RICHARD DAWKINS: I was wondering what on earth it meant, I must say.

I wish Jacqueline Ninio, a Rabbi, wasn’t so easily intimidated by Dawkins and didn’t back down from what she said, since it was such a clear elucidation of what gaining an understanding of God is all about. The key statement Ninio says here is “The second you start to define God, you limit God”. This key point appears to have gone over the head of Dawkins, who nevertheless speaks as though he has a full understanding of religion.

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*UPDATED* Who Do You Trust? Benjamin Fulford and the Illuminati


**UPDATE** Benjamin Fulford has made a response to the following article. It’s posted in full below.

There’s a danger anyone who looks into what I call “edge research” (Global conspiracies, UFO encounters, 2012 and the like) exposes themselves to. I’m not talking about anything otherworldly, but the more human problem of simply believing in things that are not true. When we acknowledge mainstream science and journalism are missing important details of the world (and speaking purely personally, there’s no doubt of that), there’s a risk of the floodgates opening, and our minds getting bombarded by a whole lot of misleading, false information that turns our critical minds into mush.

Investigating Benjamin Fulford

I remember first visiting the Project Camelot website and watching some of their interviews. One was with Benjamin Fulford, who was actually a former writer at Forbes magazine. He went from writing articles on the Japanese economy to far more bizarre news items involving the Illuminati, secret societies and those who rule the planet. The thing was that despite the bizarreness of what he was saying, Fulford could really speak well and seemed to know what he was talking about. So at first I was open-minded, and considered that what he said could be true.

Then I took a look at some of the other material he has on the net. Oh boy. One of Fulford’s claims to fame in the edge research world is his interview with David Rockefeller, who’s often cited by edge researchers as the leader of the Illuminati, a shape shifting reptilian and someone vying for world domination. In this interview, the seemingly intelligent Fulford of the Project Camelot interviews was gone. Now Fulford was manic, childish and generally impossible to take seriously. You can watch a bit of this “interview” here. The strange editing is the work of Fulford himself.

Beyond his strange way of acting, the claims he makes in his work are easy for the most casual of investigators to disprove, as so much of Fulford’s writing predicts extraordinary events occurring in the near future. He believed the entire American economy would crash on September 30th, 2009, and here’s something from one of his websites while Bush was still in office:

“If the sources are to be believed, U.S. President George Bush’s government will resign, before his term expires, and will be replaced by an interim regime headed by Al Gore. This will start a 2-3 year transition period during which suppressed technology, such as free energy, will be released and a new system for running the planet will be implemented, according to these two sources. “They [The illuminati] know their rule is ending but they do not want it to end in an ugly way,” the security police source says.” More >

The Art of Not Being Offended

I can’t remember where I found this, but it’s really good.
The Art of Not Being Offended
By Dr. Jodi Prinzivalli

There is an ancient and well-kept secret to happiness which the Great Ones have known for centuries. They rarely talk about it, but they use it all the time, and it is fundamental to good mental health. This secret is called The Fine Art of Not Being Offended. In order to truly be a master of this art, one must be able to see that every statement, action and reaction of another human being is the sum result of their total life experience to date.

In other words, the majority of people in our world say and do what they do from their own set of fears, conclusions, defenses and attempts to survive. Most of it, even when aimed directly at us, has nothing to do with us. Usually, it has more to do with all the other times, and in particular the first few times, that this person experienced a similar situation, usually when they were young.

Yes, this is psychodynamic. But let’s face it, we live in a world where psychodynamics are what make the world go around. An individual who wishes to live successfully in the world as a spiritual person really needs to understand that psychology is as spiritual as prayer. In fact, the word psychology literally means the study of the soul.
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A Step-by-Step Guide to Guaranteed Lucid Dreaming


There are plenty of different tips and tricks currently around to get you to have a lucid dream. But how are you supposed to know which one will work best? In this article, I’m going to articulate my own lucid dreaming method. I advise that you try doing things this way, see how it works, then alter your own practice until you find what produces the best results for you.

As always, remember that these things take time and practice. You might get lucky early on and have a long, clear lucid dream. Don’t get too disheartened if you struggle to have another one in the next week, or longer. It takes a long time because you’re breaking down years of accepting the dream-world as reality. With time, anyone who sticks to a commitment to achieving lucid dreams will have them.
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Why Post-Avatar Depression May Be Justified


I haven’t yet seen Avatar and it doesn’t seem like it’s worth watching. From all reports it’s an action-packed distraction-fest like any other Hollywood film, and it’s directed by James “True Lies” Cameron, so any political message it claims to have will undoubtedly be as deep as a pancake.

Still, it’s made over one billion dollars thanks to a massive marketing campaign, the 3d gimmick and surprisingly good word of mouth. In fact, some people like the movie so much, they’ve become depressed when it’s over and they have to go back to their real lives.

The recent news about “post-Avatar depression” is pretty funny, in a sad kind of way. That it has actually become something of a news story must be due to one of three reasons:

–       A couple of teenagers claimed on some fan forums to experience this depression, CNN jumped on the story and made it seem far more important than it actually is. More teenagers jumped on board.

–       People were depressed about there lives before seeing the movie, then the visual beauty and the romantic storyline sent them spiraling into a deeper depression, and fan forums have given them an avenue to try to connect with others.

–       Seeing the beauty of the world of Pandora touches somewhere deep within the viewer. Reminding them of their own connection to the natural world, a world that Western civilization has decimated, along with the indigenous cultures that have inhabited it.

Any one of these is a possible answer, but if the third is real, then depression is a completely justifiable response. More >

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