Steven LaBerge – Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming

Described by one reviewer as “The bible of lucid dreaming” and I see no reason to disagree. LaBerge goes into great detail on how to achieve lucid dreaming consistently, with many different techniques. He also goes into how you can use lucid dreaming to improve your life, and gain an understanding of your spiritual self.

If “Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming” is the bible of lucid dreaming, then this is the bible of out of body experiences. Monroe was a businessman who found himself OOBE’s involuntarily, and thought he was going insane. This book goes into his own journey of experiences with OOBE’s and how to achieve them yourself.

Steve Hagen – Meditation: Now or Never, and Charlotte Joko Beck – Everyday Zen

These are two essential introductory books on Zen meditation from two of the most readable and interesting American Buddhists. Dealing only with the practical aspects of their views and never advocating their own religion as “better” than others, Hagen and Beck deliver texts that will confuse, inspire and make you think.

John Mack – Passport to the Cosmos

The brilliant Dr. Mack was perhaps the most respected person to ever publicly accept UFO encounters as a reality. A Pulitzer Prize winning author, he began interviewing alien abductees with the belief they had psychological problems, but slowly became convinced that what these experiencers were claiming was reality.

In this, his second book after Abduction, Mack deals with the spiritual and psychological questions of the UFO experience. He goes into great detail about the nature of the experience, the effects this has on abductees (both positive and negative) and what ET’s may be trying to tell us.

If you only ever read one book on the abduction phenomenon, this is definitely the one to get.

Derrick Jensen – Endgame Vol. 1 and Vol. 2

These are two of the most challenging books you’ll ever read. Jensen believes that civilization as it stands today is destroying the Earth, and will not last for much longer. Hardly a controversial notion, but Jensen recommends the use of force in order to break down the current system we live in and return to a way of living without civilization, in direct communion with nature.

Ralph Waldo Emerson – Essays, First and Second Series

“Beware when the great God lets loose a thinker on this planet. Then all things are at risk.” RW Emerson was an American poet, philosopher and teacher who pretty much blew minds for a living. A Christian who fought against all notions of fundamentalism, his ideas of the Oversoul and deeper levels of consciousness would influence some of the greatest writers of his time, including Herman Melville, DH Lawrence and Henry James. While his writing style can be difficult for modern readers, the ideas he expresses are brilliant and will echo within the soul of the spiritually minded.

I’ve made my two favourite essays of his, Circles and Compensation, available on the site. Compensation especially changed my way of looking at the world and is a constant source of inspiration.

Ray Carney – The Films of John Cassavetes

By watching a Cassavetes film, you wouldn’t think there was much of it related to spirituality or the soul. Ray Carney’s fantastic book shows us a new way of looking both at Cassavetes and at the study of the internal self, positing that real understanding comes through action and direct experience rather than theoretical knowledge. It may seem funny, but it was this book, a piece of film criticism, that turned me from a Dawkins-worshipping atheist to whatever it is I am today. Carney is a film critic like no other. His work transcends “thumbs up or down” reviews and allows a far deeper appreciation of art and life. Check out the mailbag section of his website here.

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