My name is Fraser Orr.

Like most people, I’ve had an interest in the supernatural throughout my life. In my first years at University, this got put to the side as I began to read Richard Dawkins and similar writers, who convinced me that realms beyond what we can perceive were merely superstition.

Through looking further into “the other side”, so to speak, I began to notice how the argument of sceptics at times fell flat. Through an interest in Buddhism I began to realize that the depth of experience is greater than can be simply boiled down into conceptual thinking. Along with this gradual acceptance of a more spiritual side to reality, I became interested in more “far out” stuff, like UFO’s, out-of-body and religious experiences, all the 2012 theories floating around, crop circles, you get the drift.

Let me point out here that I’m not crazy! While a lot of this stuff does sound crazy at first, further investigation leads to a lot of unanswered questions, and seemingly loony possibilities.

From talking to friends and strangers, I’ve found that the interest in these sorts of areas is far greater than what we might see on TV, or be willing to bring up in polite conversation. This is why I’ve started this website. I’m a relatively intelligent, well-adjusted, normal guy who has an interest in the paranormal and has investigated more than most into it, and I think people would enjoy hearing about what I’ve found.

When looking through this field, it’s important to have a mind that is both open and critical. It’s only through looking at all the facts that we can make an informed decision, and sometimes that means leaving our predetermined concepts of what is and isn’t possible behind. But if we’re not careful, we’re liable to be fooled by others who are misinformed, or have their own ulterior motives.

Thanks for reading this far! Feel free to bookmark the site, email me and leave a comment on any of the pages you find interesting!

See you soon,