What is astral projection?

Astral projection is an experience in which a person’s awareness goes outside their physical body. They’re able to see, hear and move around a seemingly real world, without their body actually being present. Sometimes, individuals may even see their own body lying in bed.

What’s the difference between astral projection, an out of body experience and remote viewing?

“Astral projection” and “out of body experience” generally refer to the same thing. But the term “astral projection” generally refers to the astral plane, which is considered to be an alternate dimension, or reality.

Remote viewing refers to similar psychic events that take place within a controlled environment. Remote viewing usually involves a viewer simply reporting on a scene in a distant place or time, without ever feeling they are outside their body.

Is astral projection real?

There are two parts to this question. The first is whether or not this experience actually happens to people. This is undoubtedly true, and you probably already know one or two people who’ve had some kind of out of body experience at least once in their lives. While many would not admit it for fear of ridicule, you might be surprised what people tell you if you bring up this topic of conversation.

The next part of the question is whether or not we actually view reality when we go into the astral plane. A number of experiments have been done at the Monroe Institute to try and ascertain whether or not what is seen out of body corresponds with physical “reality”. The jury is still out on this one.

Is astral projection dangerous?

Many people have the fear that if they’re outside of their bodies, they may stop breathing or functioning properly. There’s also the fear that once out, they may not be able to rejoin their bodies and will die. While it’s certainly recommended that you take care when performing astral projection, no evidence of death occurring is available.

A real danger posed by astral projection is what it will do to a person’s sense of reality. If you’re interested in exploring astral projection, remember that you can clearly understand the difference between the astral and physical planes. You can do this by writing down and reviewing astral projection experiences after you have them. Debriefing in this way will give you a real sense of where you are and what’s what.

How can I start doing astral projection?

There are a number of methods you can use to start astral projection. You might listen sounds known as binaural beats in headphones in order to alter your brain patters and start traveling outside your physical self. A number of different outlets sell such products.

If you just want to try it on your own, however, it’s very possible. Here’s one possible technique:

First off, lie down on your bed and quiet your mind. Relax your whole body, and keep your focus on a single point, such as your breathing.

Once you get to the stage that you’re halfway between wakefulness and sleep, simply imagine yourself being weightless, and rising up out of the bed, through the ceiling, and through the roof. Imagine looking back down on your house and the surrounding neighborhood as you continue to travel up and up.

If nothing else, this exercise should make you feel very relaxed. Don’t worry if you can’t get it straight away, or if you get scared and pull out. With consistent effort, you can start to do astral projection successfully. I’d recommend reading the books of Robert Monroe for more information on achieving out-of-body experiences. For those interested in remote viewing, check out Russel Targ’s Limitless Mind, and Joe McMoneagle’s Remote Viewing Secrets.