I’ve been talking a bit on this website about different 2012 predictions and how this date could change our lives. Now it’s time that I tell you my own prophecy as to what is really going to happen, and what 2012 means for us all.

Bear in mind that this is all speculation. I’m not a trained psychic, and those who proclaim themselves to be experts on 2012, such as John Major Jenkins or Daniel Pinchbeck, still admit that they don’t know exactly what will happen on this date.

What I Think Will Happen On 2012

So what do I think will happen? It’s simple enough:

December 21, 2012 will arrive. People will eagerly awake the arrival of Planet X, the shifting of the poles, or a massive worldwide expansion of consciousness. As 11:11 draws closer, even the sceptics will start to get a little nervous. But the day will go on, no massive event will happen, and people will wake up on December 22 with no real change in their lives.

I don’t think anything noticeable will happen on 2012. However…

The Real Nature of Change

Since we’ve all watched too many Hollywood movies, we like to think of big events happening that change our lives forever. For better or for worse, real life is not like this. Change is usually something that occurs so slowly we don’t even notice that it’s happened.

So perhaps we won’t see any massive shift on the exact date of December 21, 2012, but that doesn’t mean change is not happening, or that the Mayan predictions were false.

Consider the way the Internet has affected the world. If we were to go back as little as fifteen years ago and show those in 1995 how we are living, they’ll be stunned. Yet today, the Internet is taken for granted, and the idea of life without it is like life without TV.

There’s a far more interesting question than “What will happen on 2012?”, and that’s this:

Where will we be in the next fifteen years?

What will be the new Internet-style development that changes our lives forever? It may be a technological shift, such as the invention of time travel or a new understanding of reality. It may be environmental, such as the depletion of oil stocks or environmental catastrophe. Or it may be purely psychic, in which our relationship towards whatever Reality, Source or God that is out there is changed forever.

Whatever happens, it won’t look as supernatural or as exciting as anything in a Hollywood movie.  It will not be an instantaneous moment in which the entire world wakes up and makes a shift. It’s going to be something that occurs gradually.

Getting Ready for 2012

So what can we do to prepare for this unknown, gradual event? Should we get a panic room and load it full of canned goods? Or should we just load up on ammunition?

This type of attitude is not going to help us. Not only are such actions are based on fear, they work with the idea that whatever the 2012 shift is, we can fight against it.

The reverse attitude is needed. We have to allow ourselves to become a part of this change. We need to change our minds today towards a mentality of openness and perceptiveness. We need to be ready to change ourselves to live however we need to in 2013, and 2020, and 2050.

How do we make this change? You don’t need to buy anything, or run anywhere, or find out any new fact. All that is required is the simple act of paying attentionAnd that’s something you can do right now.