First, a warning. In this article, I’m going to say that Stephen Hawking is wrong about aliens. That’s a little like telling Mike Tyson he fights like a girl, but hopefully there’s enough evidence here to convince you that I’m right.

In his recent Discovery Channel program, Stephen Hawking stated that not only does he believe that aliens are out there, but that we should NOT try to actively engage with them or get their attention.

“If aliens visit us, the outcome would be much as when Columbus landed in America, which didn’t turn out well for the Native Americans”

While I certainly agree that alien life exists in some form, I don’t think avoiding investigation into the phenomena is advisable, or even possible. Hawking hasn’t thought about this deeply enough.

What’s Wrong With Stephen Hawking’s Theory?

There are a number of things we have to consider when it comes to contact with alien life:

– Any civilization advanced enough to have highly developed space travel can access resources far greater than Earth’s.

Consider how much power it would take to travel the billions of miles from an alien planet to Earth.

It’s likely that if human civilization is able to advance past 2012 and beyond, we’ll stop using non-renewables and start harnessing the power of the sun. If another civilization has advanced to this level, why wouldn’t they use one of the millions of other suns in the universe? Would they come to Earth just for our oil? Or perhaps a few pieces of gold?

– UFO encounters occur at a regular enough rate to show that aliens are already aware of us.

This one is still debated, of course, but sufficient evidence is available. Even if you don’t believe that close encounters are real, you have to acknowledge that a highly advanced civilization, if it’s out there, would be aware of us long before we’re able to make contact with it.

– The nature of UFO encounters points to the possibility that aliens are inter-dimensional beings.

In Jacques Vallee’s essay “Five Arguments Against the Extraterrestrial Origin of Unidentified Flying Objects”, he states:

“The apparent ability of UFOs to manipulate space and time suggests radically different and richer alternatives.”

Again, even if you don’t believe that real close encounters have occurred, you have to admit that a highly-advanced race, or a significantly alien race, would have some level of involvement in other dimensions. In fact, the inter-dimensional nature of UFO encounters had been reported long before the development of string theory, or scientific notions that more dimensions are possible.

Why Aliens WOULD Want to End Humanity

An alien race with the ability to manipulate dimensions or travel light years through space would not find much use for anything we can offer them on Earth. But we shouldn’t feel too safe just yet.

Imagine we found a less advanced alien planet. Many species lived here in relative harmony. One species, however, is messing things up for everyone. They’ve already wiped out a number of other species, and their destruction of the natural world has meant that the planet will not be able to sustain life for much longer, unless drastic damage is taken. Might you consider wiping this species out, in order to save the rest of the planet?

I doubt this will happen either, however. What we have to understand is that aliens don’t just look alien, they think alien. Their entire moral perspective will be far different from our own, and there’s really no way we can accurately assume how they view us or planet Earth.

Well, there you go. I just argued against super-genius Stephen Hawking. I feel weird.

If you think I’ve missed something and Hawking is right, leave a comment and let me know!