While no one is certain what actual events will occur in 2012 (if any) there is a general consensus that it will involve a shift in consciousness. So what do we mean when we say this? Essentially, it’s about a change in the way we see the world, the way we perceive reality. So let’s forget about the possible physical effects of 2012, which could be argued to be revealing themselves in global warming and increased levels of natural disasters, and look at the psychic impacts that have begun to take hold.

Is 2012 happening now?

Let’s look at the evidence. Consider how our outlook in life, our consciousness, has changed over the last twenty or so years:

  • The rise of the Internet: With the internet, you can now find the news you want, listen to the music you want, watch the movies you want and read the books you want. This in turn has caused…
  • The development of niches: Consider the popularity of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones or Elvis Presley. Can you imagine a group or musician having that kind of success today? It’s impossible to get that many people to like one thing. Now if you like rock music, you might like metal or hardcore or punk. If you just like metal, you might only like thrash metal or speed metal, and on and on.
  • Increased polarization of communities: Thanks to the media, we’re finding more and more reasons why we’re different from other people. The rich hate the poor, the whites hate the blacks, the Jews hate the Muslims and neighbours hate each other. The idea of something like a town hall meeting, or an idea of a coherent community in a local area seems quaint and almost laughable. The closest idea of community comes only from the internet, and even then it’s a pale mimic of what actual cultural interaction should be.

These all point to one thing: The fragmentation of cultures. Never before has there been so much individualism. This individualism has affected our beliefs of what is important. Ideas of experiencing connectedness and harmony are certainly no longer seen as “cool”, while making money and exploiting the world around us seems to be the way things are.

The Rise in Personal Connections

But there is another side of consciousness that can come about from this individualism: The understanding in the importance of personal experience. The role of the church in life has been all but completely decimated, and while a rise in atheism has been the result, many still feel a more personal relationship with the spiritual world is needed.

This one-on-one relationship between the individual and deeper realms can only be achieved through personal experience. You can get help from others, from this website, from the Bible or Koran, but these are only tools to help you gain this connection. All the real work has to be done by you.

That’s not to devalue the importance, even the essential nature, of relationships. But we cannot rely on external forces, whether they are friendships, social status or money, to lead us to spiritual power. As Bill Hicks said, “There is a living God who will talk directly to you!”.

As we draw closer to 2012, this social disconnection and fragmentation looks like only increasing. As it does, it’s importance for us to take hold and create relationships that work on a deeper level, both with the spiritual realm (of God or Source or Love or whatever you’d like to call it) and those with whom we share this physical reality.

What do you think? What signs can you see of 2012 happening now?