There are plenty of predictions out there about what will happen in 2012, some more legitimate than others. Forget about Nibiru and the Planet X predictions, we’re not going to see the complete destruction of our world. And personally, I doubt there will be a single massive event that occurs at the exact time of 11:11 AM, December 21 2012. Instead, these predictions point to an era of great change, with one phase of life ending and another beginning.

According to the Mayans, the era that ends in 2012 has been dominant for the past five thousand, one hundred and twenty five years. One thing we can be assured of is that human life existed before this cycle began, so the chances that life will continue afterwards are pretty good. So don’t worry about 2012 end of the world predictions, they make for profitable Hollywood movies but they aren’t anywhere near reality.

So there is an awareness that a change will be taking place, but unfortunately, we can only make general predictions about the form this change will be in. No one knows for sure what will happen at this date, and you shouldn’t trust anyone who says they do.

One very simple way to predict what could happen in the future is by looking at the way we live today. Is there anything about the way we currently live that is unsustainable? What do we do that can’t last? The answer to this is simple enough: Pretty much everything.

At the most basic level, there is simply not enough fuel available on Earth to sustain our way of life for much longer. Oil reserves are assumed to be at least halfway gone, while demand only rises. Then there’s the damage our way of life is causing, with global warming, massive extinction of animal and plant species, and ridiculous levels of poverty throughout the third world and in so-called “developed” countries.

All of these problems arise from the mainstream way of thinking: The belief that it’s our place to exploit and dominate others. At a very deep level, it’s this way of thinking that is unsustainable.

Like many native cultures, the Mayans had a much more symbiotic connection to the natural world they lived in. In fact, the idea of any sort of separation between human and natural life, the idea that we are not ourselves natural, is pure illusion. This way of living, in which we are connected to the world, and sustain the environment that sustains us, is the only attitude to life that can last.

Whether you believe in 2012 predictions or not doesn’t really matter. The fact that our current system of belief will and must change is an undeniable reality. Whether this occurs in 2012 or 2050 is an open question, but the notion that we can survive for more than a short period within this current mindset is delusional.

The nature of this change will be one in which we begin to realize our connectedness with the world. The perceived importance of money, the need for a Government elite to control us and the idea that we are more powerful than the natural world will be revealed as the falsehoods they truly are.

This all makes the 2012 phenomenon seem like a good thing. In the long term, it will be. But due to the sheer number of people on the Earth, and the ever-decreasing amount of natural sustenance available, a severe die-back of the human species is possible. This is why steps need to be taken now in order to prepare for the inevitable change. We can’t sit back, continue living our destructive lifestyles, and wait for 2012 to hit. It’s time to take a proactive approach to dealing with the world we have created. As mentioned above, the fundamental change has to occur in our own minds. We don’t need to wait until 2012 for this to happen. We can realize the futility of capitalism, our own inner freedom and our connectedness with nature right now.