As always, remember that these things take time and practice. You might get lucky early on and have a long, clear lucid dream. Don’t get too disheartened if you struggle to have another one in the next week, or longer. It takes a long time because you’re breaking down years of accepting the dream-world as reality. With time, anyone who sticks to a commitment to achieving lucid dreams will have them.

The Method

My own technique for inducing lucid dreams involves waking up five hours after I’ve gone to sleep, which is usually two hours before I want to wake up. After staying awake for at least half an hour, your mind will be active, and your chances of remembering lucid dreams will be increased.

One of the ways to realize that you’re in a dream is to block your nose and try to inhale through it. While this is of course impossible in real life, it’s quite easy in your dream, since your hands will still be away from your nose in the waking world. When this obvious glitch in reality appears, you’ll be fully aware that you’re having a lucid dream.

Now what I do is combine the above two techniques. Setting my alarm for two hours before I want to get up, I sleep with the thought in my head that when I dream, I want to notice that it’s happening.

When my alarm goes off, I get out of bed, hold my nose and try inhaling. I get to my computer, check my emails and whatnot, and hold my nose again. I’ll usually start reading something about lucid dreaming, remembering to hold my nose and try to breathe in every minute or so. Every time I do this, I ask myself, “Am I dreaming?”.

Now when I go back to sleep after a half hour or so, I’ve got lucid dreaming on my mind and I’ve got the habit of holding my nose and trying to breathe. This is going to carry-over into the dream world. Recently I was discussing lucid dreaming with two famous celebrities, when one told me I should try holding my nose. As soon as he suggested this, I realized I was within a dream.

The Importance of Intention

Every time you go to sleep, it’s important to set your mind to the fact that if you’re dreaming, you want to realize. In effect, you’re asking whatever forces are out there to let you notice that you’re having a dream. No matter what your religious beliefs are, putting this intention in place will have a real result on the probability that you’ll achieve lucid dreams.