The requirements for getting yourself to have a lucid dream are simple enough, but it can take a while and you’ll need to stick to it. What’s especially difficult is that you’ll have to alter your habits when you’re at your laziest. That is, when you first wake up after a deep sleep.

The key to having a lucid dream is to gain the ability to realize that you’re dreaming. There are many techniques and tricks to doing this, but we’ll just focus on a few of the popular and simple methods for the time being.

When you wake up every morning, try to remember the dreams that you’ve had. It’s best to keep a dream journal, which we’ll go into in the next section of this series. When you think of the dreams you can remember, say to yourself, “The next time I’m dreaming, I want to remember and recognize that I’m dreaming”. Don’t get upset if it takes a while before you start having lucid dreams, just be patient and keep asking that next time, you’ll remember and recognize.

Lucid dream induction is about spotting the signals indicating you’re in a dream. But this isn’t so easy. Why when we’re talking to a person who’s died, or we’re flying through the air, or walking down the street without pants, don’t we think, “Hey, this can’t actually be happening”? The reason is because we’re too trusting of our brains. We think that if we perceive something happening, it has to be real.

To begin to realize we’re in the dream world, we have to change our habits in our waking life. Right now, ask yourself “Am I dreaming?” When you ask yourself this, here are a few things you can check (those who’ve seen Waking Life will recognize a couple):

–       Are the signals being received by your five senses logical?

–       Where are you? Do you remember how you got here? Does everything around you make sense?

–       Count your fingers on each hand, does it add up to ten?

–       Check a digital clock or written words, look away, and then check again, does it remain the same?

–       If I turn the lights on and off, does the light level in the room change?

Do all five of these right now. Hopefully you’ll find you’re in the waking world.

You want to make a habit of asking yourself, “Am I dreaming?” and checking in the ways above every hour. If you can get yourself into this habit in this reality, you’ll start doing the same thing in the dream world, and eventually you’ll find yourself having a lucid dream.